We skillfully orchestrate the tools of trade from A to Z

in the consumer electronics, industrial lighting and brand license management sectors


What drives us

Brands, people and markets

We love the charisma of brands, understand people and their consumer behavior, and know how to deal with market changes.

Our customers and cooperation partners stand at our sides as longstanding knowledge holders and operational experts in all areas of buying and selling products as well as services for consumer electronics, industrial lighting, online marketplace solutions and brand license management.

Thanks to our deep-rooted and longstanding industrial, brand and retail know-how forged at management level, alongside a broad international network across all relevant areas, we precisely identify potential and opportunities, minimize risks and complexity, and successfully increase turnover and market share.

We skillfully orchestrate the tools of trade from A to Z, supporting our customers and cooperation partners with supplementary services from our partner network.

We don’t just successfully realize whole comprehensive projects and seasonal promotions for our clients, but also actively take part in stationary retail and online commerce for products and services in the consumer electronics and industrial lighting sectors.

Our own projects encompass purchasing and sales activities with a range of internationally successful producers, distributors and licensed brands, as well as planning and providing equipment for projects in the LED lighting sector for application in heavy industry, stores & retail and the outdoor sector.

“We drive markets” for companies and businesspeople on the look-out for sustainable results. Maybe that will soon include you too?



Our success guarantees

Whether it’s a comprehensive purchasing and sales project or a time-limited promotion – as our services are tailored to our customers’ needs and project-specific requirements, we reduce complexity and ensure smooth, efficient project implementation. We don’t just rely on our expert knowledge, but also offer our customers and cooperation partners access to an exclusive and comprehensive network with specialized services.

One significant element of our service is that we successfully develop and use the synergy of our partners, our customers and our network. As trade and industry experts, we assign ideas to specialists, identify cooperation potential and create successful win-win strategies.

Thanks to many years of operational and strategic experience in the successful optimization of your value creation process and company success, we guide you through all trade and sales matters with competent advice. Beginning with initiating business relationships, purchasing, leading negotiations, supplier and range management and own brand development right through to sales and marketing concepts and related promotional communication.

Together with our cooperating partners, we offer a range of different leasing models for mobile and intangible economic goods and merchandising solutions.

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most important hubs for cross-border activities and collaborations. We use this strategic location to purposefully connect decision-makers with companies all over the world. Our partner network benefits greatly from the transparent representation of their interests in politics, parliaments and administrative bodies. We advise you so you can better influence your relationship with politics – right where the economy, politics and society intersect.

As trade experts, we guide you through international purchasing and sales. Based on a broad network of suppliers, we optimize product selections, increase availability and successfully reduce the complexity of purchasing through intelligent core ranges. We ensure your sales success through long-term, strategic relationships with a selection of leading distributors and licensed brands as well as digital marketplace solutions with simplified access to over 40 online marketplaces in Europe.

When it comes to marketing, we guide you through all matters related to negotiating and branding, and support you with our network partners through the effective conception and implementation of sales promotion measures such as advertising and PR, helping you to successfully use a further significant competitive tool to further your business

Brand license management

Attractive growth opportunities

telefunken-logo speaker speaker

As operative trade and industry experts, we are proven authorities when it comes to markets, their challenges and their potential. We boast exceptional brand affinity and a deep-rooted understanding of branding.

True to our brand claim “brands, people, markets”, we use our brand licensing management to combine all significant success factors of successful trade, guide license granters and licensees through sustainably increasing sales and market share, and make attractive growth potential reality.

Beginning with product range development right through to opening up new distribution channels, we help make full use of brand charisma as a USP and competitive edge for our partners and their customers.

Thanks to our know-how and do-how, we turn indistinguishable providers into category leaders, ensure brand charisma impacts the whole range, and offer the right brands for successful promotions and seasonal products thanks to the licenses we maintain.

One brand license successfully entrusted to us as an “Official Licensing Agent” is longstanding German brand TELEFUNKEN. As part of the TELEFUNKEN Partner Alliance, our customers and partners benefit from a strong brand with high awareness in TV, video, audio, small and large household appliances and other attractive growth segments such as LED lighting.

AirExchange® – these are professional air purifier devices from Gaptac, exclusively for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The solution for rooms with insufficient opportunity for an air exchange, ideal for offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, public areas, schools, gyms and living rooms.

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems offer maximum protection – they are equipped with ultra-intelligent measuring software that actively monitors the air quality and then influences it quickly and independently with the powerful VORTEX technology.

By combining our unique filters with revolutionary UV-C technology, a filter effectiveness of > 99.99% can be achieved.

Also good to know: The federal corona emergency aid funds the investment in mobile high-performance air purifiers!

Many municipalities have already ordered the purchase of AirExchange® air purification devices from us and are well on the way to better protecting schoolchildren in the classrooms from the current risk of infection, even in the cold season.

More at www.airexchange.de

Partner network

Achieve more together

Our know-how, paired with years of industry experience alongside a tight-knit network of partners that’s solid across all relevant areas, and combined with our partners’ expert knowledge and supplementary technological solutions, is our key to success in implementing tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Strategic Partnerships

Retail Partners

SBS COM Logo aquipa-logo

SBSCOM is one of the leading providers of employee benefit programs. The online employee portal boasts over 25,000 products and around 600 brand and service provider partners, so can offer attractive and varied employee offers spanning the cellphone, shopping (perfume, fashion, technology, lifestyle, sport), travel, partner shops, regional and energy sectors.

MediaMarkt  Logo aquipa-logo

MediaMarkt, Germany’s and Europe’s number one electronics retailer, was founded in 1979 and is now run as an independent sales brand within the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. In Germany, the company is currently represented by 275 stores and employs more than 15,000 staff. Across Europe, MediaMarkt boasts more than 850 stores in 13 countries and employs around 45,000 staff. MediaMarkt puts its brand core, “enjoyment”, into practice – in its range, its prices, its customer support and its service. The clear aim: for MediaMarkt to be its customers’ most enjoyable place for consumer electronics – always and everywhere. This success concept entails an always up-to-date range of brand products at permanently low prices as well as personal advice and a comprehensive portfolio of services. MediaMarkt has positioned itself as a successful multi-channel provider, combining the benefits of brick-and-mortar and online retail under the umbrella of one trusted brand.

Saturn Logo aquipa-logo

Saturn makes technology for its customers to experience, and shows how modern technology products can enrich their lives. Founded in 1961, Saturn is now run as an independent sales brand under the umbrella of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group – Europe’s number one electronics retailer. In Germany, Saturn boasts around 150 stores and employs roughly 8,000 employees. In total, Saturn has around 170 stores in three European countries. Saturn stores stand out with their attractive locations, wide range of brand products at attractive price points, generous sales floors and excellent service and support. In Germany, Saturn closely links its brick-and-mortar stores with its online shop at www.saturn.de as well as mobile shopping via an app. Within the scope of this multi-channel strategy, Saturn customers benefit from all the advantages of online shopping as well as personal advice and service on site in stores.

Migros Logo aquipa-logo
Jumbo Märkte CH Logo aquipa-logo

Based in Dietlikon, Jumbo-Markt AG is a Swiss hardware store business and wholly owned subsidiary of Maus Frères Holding. Jumbo operates 40 branches across Switzerland in combination with an online shop. The company is therefore the second largest hardware store chain in Switzerland, and employs around 1,550 staff. In 2018, Jumbo turned over around 555 million Swiss Francs.

Begros Logo aquipa-logo

Based in Oberhausen, BEGROS is a strong, major German furniture buying group for home and living. 12 companies with over 250 furniture stores and specialist retail units at home and abroad hold shareholder positions at BEGROS, which was founded in 1957

Distribution Partners

EDCO Logo aquipa-logo

Founded as an import/export/wholesale business in 1978, EDCO Eindhoven B.V. has been working on its unique position as a global trade company ever since. The range consists of more than 20,000 products, including household products, electronics, garden, cycling, sport and seasonal articles, toys, tools, auto and vehicle accessories as well as licensed products.

aqipa Logo aquipa-logo

Aqipa is an importer and distributer that boasts its own large sales team covering the whole European market alongside using the latest European robot-led logistics in its distribution! Aqipa also offers services such as content management, data interfaces to all major retailers and e-tailers in Europe, content creation in all languages, after-sales service, repair service, white label shops, marketing & PR consulting.

FIRST WISE MEDIA Logo aquipa-logo

First Wise Media GmbH is a full service provider and functions as a mediator between industry and trade. Cooperation partners include over 30 production brands and more than 700 retail and online stores. Services include the classic distribution model plus supplementary retail service as well as a broad spectrum of marketing and service offerings.

Herweck Logo aquipa-logo

Owner-managed Herweck AG employs 270 staff and turned over 400 million euros in 2018. It has been a leading distributor of IT and telecommunications products, lifestyle products and services for over 30 years, and sells products for Germany’s largest network operators, including Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and 1und1.

C.M.C. Sankt Ingbert Logo aquipa-logo

Based in St. Ingbert, C.M.C. GmbH is an import trader with over 2,000 of its own products and selling 10 million external products. It boasts its own product development and distribution channels online and offline, such as renowned discounters and hardware stores. Customers include wholesale and retail, industry and manual trade, and are supported comprehensively and reliably from initial idea right through to delivery.

TechFire Logo aquipa-logo
Dicitech Logo aquipa-logo

Industry Partners

CDS Logo aquipa-logo

CDS GmbH offers a range of solutions across the radio, control and shade technology sectors. Since 2009, the company has established itself on the LED market for the industrial sector and stands out thanks to its innovation, in-house production, specialist “made in Germany” knowledge and intelligent implementation of its own control modules, sensors and software for its products developed and produced in house.

ISOLED Logo aquipa-logo

ISOLED® is a European brand under FIAI Handels GmbH and employs over 100 people across the EU. Since its founding in 2008, ISOLED® can boast more than 1,850 LED brand products and more than 11,000 customers and partners throughout Europe thanks to its exceptional product quality and first-class 100% LED service. Purchasers of LED lights, LED lighting, LED lighting technology and LED control technology include specialist trade and wholesale, major commercial buyers, industry clients, municipalities, manual trades, architects and planners.

LuxTek Logo aquipa-logo

LuxTek is a company specializing in the development, production and sales of surface protection, supporting and plastic technology. The LuxTek portfolio offers a wide range of various products to facilitate safe working conditions for people and machines alike.

Zoomshield Car Protection Logo aquipa-logo

ZoomShield is an English company that has developed theft protection technology for Keyless Go car keys. A chip installed in the car key’s battery prevents any unwanted forwarding of the signal required to open and start a vehicle to potential thieves.


Roth Baby Design Logo aquipa-logo

Based in the Black Forest and Saarland, Rotho Babydesign has been developing high-quality and innovative products for babies and small children for 10 years. In total, the Rotho Babydesign brand comprises 4 product lines: care, nutrition, safety and play. The products are available across the German-speaking world via specialist stores, online stores, mail order, drugstores and hypermarkets. Internationally, the products are also sold by selected competent cooperation partners.

TELEFUNKEN Logo aquipa-logo

Since its founding in 1903, the TELEFUNKEN brand has stood for the fundamental principles of German engineering, high quality and innovation. Its brand rights are now held by TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. The TELEFUNKEN Partner Allianz is a global network of independent companies and license partners that develops and sells a wide range of products spanning the TV, video, audio and household appliance sectors to name but a few, always upholding the brand’s values.

earebel Logo aquipa-logo

Earebel is the combination of high quality and first class sounding Bluetooth headphones and high quality headgear with “Sound by JBL”. The interchangeable Earebel Bluetooth headphones are integrated into the Earebel caps and headbands and therefore offer the highest wearing comfort you can expect from headphones. In addition to a first-class music listening experience never seen or heard before, the Earebel Bluetooth headphones have an integrated microphone, so your Earebel headphones also function as a full-fledged headset for your Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

Expert Network

Marketplace Solutions/Operators

onQuality Logo aquipa-logo

onQuality Deutschland GmbH is a reliable partner for custom marketplace solutions and offers support in the initiation, expansion and optimization of e-business activities through e-commerce consulting, multi-channel sales and logistics solutions. onQuality links markets and ensures successful online sales on the highest-earning and farthest-reaching e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto, Zalando, About You and more, ensuring a rapid roll-out through optimal product presentation, and helps optimize sales and logistics processes with a flexibly scalable software solution.

SBS COM Logo aquipa-logo

SBSCOM is one of the leading providers of employee benefit programs. The online employee portal boasts over 25,000 products and around 600 brand and service provider partners, so can offer attractive and varied employee offers spanning the cellphone, shopping (perfume, fashion, technology, lifestyle, sport), travel, partner shops, regional and energy sectors.

Financial Services

United Luxembourg Logo aquipa-logo

United Luxembourg offers a comprehensive range of legal and financial services for the international market. Their multi-lingual team of over 50 staff supports business clients from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. From private and listed companies to international banks and government-owned enterprises. United Luxembourg recognizes the special features of case law and the variety of legal structures available.

MMV Leasing Logo aquipa-logo
  1. MMV Leasing is one of Germany’s first and most renowned leasing companies. More than 50,000 companies now trust them to finance their investments. Furthermore, a variety of companies relies on effective sales promotion cooperations with MMV Leasing for B2B transactions. MMV Leasing guides its business partners through investments totaling around 750 million euros each year.


Schultz Kommunikation Logo aquipa-logo

Hartmut Schultz Kommunikation GmbH (HSK) is an owner-managed consulting firm with comprehensive expertise in strategic communication even in the most sensitive and complex situations. Since their founding in 2002, they have been advising and supporting businesses, businesspeople, investors, institutions and management through their communication and PR work in matters relating to reputation management, conflicts, crises, change processes and transactions as well as long-term competitive positioning.

Would you like to become part of this strong community, make a meaningful contribution and benefit from its synergy as our client? We look forward to hearing from you.

Case study

One comprehensive industry project in the field of LED conversion is surely the lighting plan and technical equipment project realized with our partner CDS, in which custom light planning and technical equipment was provided for Pizza Wagner (Nestlé).

As well as the areas to be newly equipped within the scope of the project, such as warehouses and logistics halls, alongside parking lot lighting, special attention had to be paid to requirements for hygienic LED lighting suitable for use in the food production sector.

With LED lights from “made in Germany” producer CDS GmbH, which are certified for use in food production, we were not only able to successfully meet all industry-specific requirements in full but also guarantee a long-term contribution to increased efficiency through lower energy costs and a reduction in lighting failures.

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